In recent years there have been plenty of headlines highlighting the use of drones to smuggle drugs and other contraband into prisons.

And that’s fair enough. It’s a new, interesting challenge for authorities to deal with. And fear gets clicks.

Last year in the UK, for example, police monitored and apprehended an organized crime gang responsible for using drones to smuggle £1.2m worth of drugs, weapons and mobile phones into prisons across the country.

As of December 2017, 17 people had been found guilty of using drones to get contraband into prisons in the UK. Last week, 5 more were convicted.

And many such cases have been reported in the US, Canada, and Australia – to name a few.

So yes, the problem is a real one. It’s also one that is difficult to stop without having expensive, sophisticated systems in place. Not to mention the staff capable of using them.